Naftan Ltd was established in June 2002. the fundamental activity of our company bases on processing and selling the paraffin and its derivative. Our paraffin is characterized by high quality and it is used to candles and votive candles production, also in wood-, chemical-, cosmetics- or pharmaceutical industry.

Except for a wide range of paraffin products, our offer also includes diesel oil and anticaking agent to simple and multi- faceted (composite) fertilizers. We distribute diesel oil from fuel base in Narewka. This guarantees a high quality and compatibility with valid (current) standards.

Naftan Ltd has an own transshipment base on the east border (the town Planta) dealing with transshipment liquid media, which heating is necessary (need to be heating). We also offer transshipment “carriage- carriage” and “carriage- tank car”. The direct location our base (plant), next to the “wide” track, eliminates necessity of changing a pivot. This solution helps to save time and costs. We have an own specialist transport, which is appropriate to truck paraffin (in the constant or liquid form) and diesel oil too.

Overriding aim of our company is an aspiration to fulfill increasing requirements of our customers and reach maximal effectiveness. We are conscious that satisfaction our customers is the main condition of existence and development the company. Our experienced team takes care of it.